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Facilitating functional recovery, while promoting social inclusion, engagement and enhanced quality of life



Addressing the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace



Specialised intervention aimed at Australian school children


WOW Surfing Experience

‘Finding Wellness’

The WOW Surfing Experience (WOWSE) is an eight-week evidence based learn-to-surf program for people experiencing mental health issues. It facilitates functional recovery, while promoting social inclusion, engagement and enhanced quality of life. The primary focus of the program is to introduce surfing to participants as a way to improve physical health, mental health and well- being in a neutral, non-intrusive environment. The program uses the ocean and surfing as a conduit to explore, stimulate and facilitate positive therapy outcomes.

The program is facilitated by mental health clinicians who are also trained in learn-to-surf instructing. Each program contains 10 volunteers to match participants on a 1:1 ratio, which strengthens inclusion and social connection. Each week, the program addresses a different mental health theme allowing participants to learn new skills and strategies through lived experience storytelling and connection with like-minded individuals. Clinical expertise facilitates functional recovery and meaningful connection. A therapeutic graded approach is essential to promote recovery in a supported environment rather than overwhelming participants. Through involvement in this program, participants gain the opportunity to learn how to use surfing as a coping strategy for their mental health.

WOW Sand n’ Surf

‘Promoting Wellness’

The WOW Sand n‘ Surf, is our newest program, and is thanks to a partnership with the legends at Movember Foundation. It’s basically a 6-week wellness program where people can make new friends, learn about wellbeing, and focus on being the best version of them self – all while learning to surf!
The premise behind the new program is to address the fact that we all struggle with ups and downs at times, and this is a way of chatting about wellness freely without judgement. It’s not specifically for just people who are struggling, but more suited to the wider community to provide a healthy outlet for connection.
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WOW Corporate Program

‘Promoting Wellness’

The stigma surrounding mental health issues in the workplace often means it is overlooked and pushed aside. The WOW Corporate Program (WOWCP) addresses the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. It firstly provides the fundamental background behind wellness, and the affect it has on workforce performance.

The program provides a Wellness Toolkit for the organisation, where managers and employees alike, can develop skills and access helpful resources to look after themselves, and look out for colleagues. The program recognises the significance that balance can play in the workplace, discussing the importance of switching off, boundaries, and time-out. Investing in the mental health and wellbeing of employees has a direct correlation with how supported they feel, in turn positively impacting overall workplace performance. Funds from the Corporate Program will be re-directed into other WOW programs including the WOWSE.

WOW Educational Program

‘Building Wellness’

Half of all mental health issues emerge by the age of 14. Research has shown that early intervention can prevent lifelong difficulties with mental health issues. Specialised intervention aimed at Australian school children is essential to breaking the cycle. A study conducted in 2015 by BeyondBlue, revealed that 47 per cent of school principals, believed they did not have the time, tools or resources required to promote positive mental health in their schools. The WOW Educational Program (WOWEP) provides young people with the appropriate skills to manage the ups and downs that life can throw at us.

WOWEP promotes positive mental health, but also resilience and support if challenges are identified. In addition, we recognise the importance of family and a solid support network, so we incorporate family into the mental health conversation, and additional education for carers. We provide training and resources for teachers and staff to be able to engage in mental health topics appropriately with school-aged children.

For more information on each of the programs above, or to enquire about booking a program, send us an email at programs@foundationwow.org