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Children’s mental health picture book – Stand Up, Stand Out

Written by WOW CEO Joel Pilgrim, this book explores the world of mental health and well-being for young people. It was inspired by the true story of Grant Trebilco, the Founder of OneWave, whereby his diagnosis of bipolar and passion for surfing lead him to start a global movement called Fluro Friday.

$5.00 from every book sold goes towards a spot in the WOW Surfing Experience for someone experiencing challenges with their mental health.

To pre-order a copy of this book, stay tuned on the Stand Up, Stand Out Facebook page.

Need some support?

Mental health contacts and support services

If you, or someone you know is in immediate danger, call emergency services on ‘000’.

If your needs are not urgent, the best port of call is your local GP, who can steer you in the right direction for help.

For additional support, contact:

Some great mental health resources can be found at:

Tools for wellness

Downloadable online resources coming soon

  • Meditation guide
  • Stress management guide
  • Looking after your health guide
  • Exercise tips
  • Personal stories – “what’s worked for me”


How does my contribution to WOW help?

Your contribution to WOW  helps  us continue to implement surf therapy programs for community members in need. Your support will allows us to run programs year round and increase our reach throughout Australia, taking the experience of adventure therapy to new locations. We are currently designing programs to deliver away from the coast, therefore your donation helps us reach these people in rural, isolated communities.

In what ways can I donate to WOW?

There are several ways you can donate to WOW. This includes making a one-off donation, monthly contributions, holding a fundraising event, making a donation as a tribute to honor or memory of someone, or arrange for wedding, birthday and party guests to donate to WOW in lieu of gifts. To find out more information, get in touch with us at

What does holding a fundraising event for WOW involve?

We would love for you to hold a fundraising event for WOW!  For more information, get in touch with us at

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. WOW is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation. All donations made in Australia to WOW are tax deductible.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, you will receive a tax gift receipt for all donations. This will be emailed to you upon confirmation of donation.

As a monthly donor, when will my donations be taken out?

As a monthly donor, your donation will be taken out on the first of each month.

Does WOW have any religious or political affiliations?

At WOW we have no religious or political affiliations. We run our program and services open to everyone regardless of race, gender, religion or political affiliation.

How can I start a surfing experience in my area?

To find out more about starting a surfing experience in your area, first check on the ‘active programs’ section of this site to see if we are currently running a program in your area. Or get in touch with us at

How can I enroll in a program?

To find out more about a program, first head to the ‘active programs’ section of this site. If you would like to enroll, get in touch with us at

What’s the difference between OneWave and WOW?

OneWave takes care of all things mental health awareness with Fluro Fridays, while WOW deals with the treatment and support programs with the WOW Surfing Experience. The two organisations share a common goal, and work together to promote positive mental health, and smash the associated stigma.

Why did we change?

In order to structure the organisation for expansion of the surfing experience, and to gain access to charity status. This means that all donations to WOW are tax deductible. This shift also makes the differentiation between Fluro Friday and the Surfing Experience super clear to the community.

How will OneWave and WOW work together?

WOW is proudly supported by OneWave, and together we are working in partnership to create sustainable, and long-lasting mental health change. Upon completion of the program, participants from the WOW Surfing Experience will join OneWave’s mainstream awareness activity of Fluro Friday. Fluro Friday participants will continue to be the essential volunteers for the WOW Surfing Experience programs.

Will Fluro Fridays still take place?

Yes, absolutely! Every Friday at beaches all around the country. For more information on beach involved andlocations, visit