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Innovation in mental health


Remember in primary school, when a kid broke his or her arm and everyone rushed to sign the cast?

Our vision is to see a world where people understand mental health as a normal part of everyday life. Where ‘invisible’ mental health issues are treated like any other physical injury. Where there’s no social stigma, and people struggling don’t have to go it alone.

The kid with the broken arm is a hero among his or her friends, but people experiencing mental health issues don’t always have the same support. Our mission is to implement innovative programs that break down the barriers and stigma of traditional mental health treatment and support. Small ripples make big waves – by empowering individuals with tools for wellness, we’re making positive waves which strengthens community connection.

What we do is straight forward, we save lives through surfing. Using trained mental health professionals as surf coaches, we’re delivering innovative mental health support programs on a whole new level. Thanks for getting on-board (pun intended) and backing the vital work we do. Together with the support of our global community, we’re jumping in and tackling mental health head on.

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Waves of Wellness Foundation

Joel Pilgrim, CEO - Waves of Wellness Foundation   Photo credit @WestpacScholars / @FlashpointLabs

Joel Pilgrim, CEO - Waves of Wellness Foundation

Photo credit @WestpacScholars / @FlashpointLabs



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